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Powder Coating

Merge MFG is excited to announce our in-house industrial powder coating operation. Located just south of Lincoln in Roca, Nebraska, Merge MFG operates both a conveyorized powder line and a batch process. The conveyor line can coat large volumes of parts in a short period of time. This allows for cost savings and great turn times. The line can handle parts that are no larger than 3ft wide x 5ft tall by 10ft long.

The batch booth process can handle parts 8'x8'x14' long. These parts are pretreated with a manual spraywand process using the same chemicals that are used on the line.

Powder coating is a dry paint process that electrostatically applies a granular or "powder"-like paint to a metal part or component through atomization. Merge MFG's process includes a 5-stage wash, First stage is an Alkaline pretreatment followed by three stages of an RO rinse and finally Zirconium based conversion coating for the ultimate in adhesion and undercoat protection. Blasting is also an option for material that requires a more aggressive approach to surface contaminates. See our blasting page for more info.

Powder is applied via a high voltage generator that produces a cloud of negatively charged powder. Powder is attracted to the grounded part surface by electrostatic attraction. After application, powder is thermally cured at 400 degrees to form a hard protective shell over the substrate. This protective layer creates a functional, corrosion resistant, and aesthetically decorative exterior.

Powder is composed of resins combined with a mixture of fine metal particles, such as titanium, and mixed with pigment for color. The specific combination of ingredients varies by manufacturer, color, and finish. When applied to Steel, Aluminum or Stainless Steel the powder coating will prevent many forms of deterioration, such as rust, corrosion and fading; Thus, increasing the durability and lengthening the life of the product.

Powder is offered in a multitude of colors, textures, and finishes. Powder is designed to resist chipping, fading or rust. Under non-destructive/standard conditions powder can easily achieved 1,000 hours of salt spray protection.

Additionally, Powder coating is touted for its sustainability and environmental friendliness. Powder coating processes create no VOC's.

Powder Coating
Material Substrates
Mild Steel
Stainless Steel - All Grades
Aluminum - All Grades
Carbon Steel
Hot Rolled Steel, P and O
Galvanized Steel
Grade 50 High Strength Low Alloy Steel
Custom Matching
RAL Colors
Clear Coating
U V Protectant
Hi Gloss
Graffiti resistant
Pre-Coating Preparation
5 Stage Washing
Automatic Chemical Feed
Dry Off
Curing Method
Convection Dry off and Cure
Curing Temperature
Up to 450°F
Conveyor Speed
3-9 ft/min
Part Dimensional Limitations
In line powder coating system allows us to powder coat paint products up to 3' wide x 5' tall x 10' long. Batch booth operation 8' wide x 8' tall x 14' long
Powder coat paint is applied by manual process with a standard thickness of 2-4 mils. Merge is happy to coat per the mil specifications or to the customers specifications.
Mil Thickness
MEK cure check
Cross Hatch
Pencil Hardness
Visual comparison to approved sample
Additional Services
Custom / Special Packaging
Customer Process Development
Multiple Vendor / Direct Production Supply
In-House Equipment
Viking Shot Blaster
Conveyorized Powder Coat Line with 5-stage wash
Manual Wash
Batch Application Booth
Cure Oven
Burn off Oven
Lead Time
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