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Pyrolysis burn off ovens, also known as heat cleaning ovens, are used to remove organic materials such as varnish, paint, powder coating, oil, and plastic from metal parts, allowing them to be recoated, reused and put back into service. The combustible material is reduced to a fine light ash and fumes. The emissions from heat-cleaning ovens are quite low and the ash generated can be disposed of at a landfill.

Burn Off ovens use extremely high temperatures (up to 1450F degrees)to burn coatings and excess powder coating to ash leaving the metal like new and ready to reuse.

In this four-five-hour long process, components are heated in a temperature controlled furnace to reach the desired burn rate for the base material as well as the product to be burned off. This method is a safe and affordable alternative to time consuming and dangerous processes such as chemical and mechanical stripping.

MERGE MFG can easily handle all your batch burning requirements with our Burn Off oven.

Large batch oven: 8'w x 8'l x 8'h

Why Burn Off?

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